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Exciting products wanted for reviews on hitchecker.de

Exciting products wanted for reviews on hitchecker.de

We love writing reviews to give our readers a hand in finding exactly what they were searching for. Are we talking about your innovative product?

hitchecker.de is a German website with reviews, news and competitions. We are always looking for exciting new products like technical devices, gadgets, software tools or trendy items that might be interesting for our readers (women and men between 20 and 40 years).

If you are an international manufacturer or dealer who wants to present your product to a large German audience, feel free to contact our editorial office. Maybe we can write a review about it in case it fits to our target group.

Just send a message to: redaktion (at) hitchecker.de

We value authentic, practical reviews that should support our readers in making a good purchase decision. The price-quality relation is an essential criterion for us.

Following product categories are particular interesting for hitchecker.de...

  • Electronics, Computers & Office
  • Software & Apps (especially tools with a „creative aspect“ for music production, photo and graphic design, video editing...)
  • Movie, Music & Games
  • Home Tools
  • Beauty & Health
  • Sports & Outdoor
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